Duration: 7 Days

Seasons: June to Oct.

This climb offers you an opportunity to reach a height of 6200m without technical skills, and 6400 m with basic technical skills. The climb on Kangyatse is challenging and interesting, ideal for someone in quest of his/her first Himalayan summit.

Day : 1 Leh to Shang Sumo (2½ hours) We will leave Leh by jeep to the starting point of the trek at Martselang (3600 m). En route, we will visit the first Palace of Ladakh at Shey, followed by the famed Yellow Sect Monastery of Thikse, which houses one of the biggest Buddha statues in Ladakh (the statue of the Coming Buddha). Our next destination will be Hemis, the largest and most famous Drukpa monastery in Ladakh, where the renowned Naro Gentuk festival is held every 12 years. After the gompa tour, we will drive to Martselang, the entry point into Hemis National Park , where we can get glimpses of endangered high-altitude animals such as the snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, the great Tibetan sheep and Golden eagle. There we will meet the crew and trek for 2 and ½ hours, before reaching our campsite in the tiny village of Shang Sumdo (3700m).

Day : 2 Shang Sumdo - Lartsa (6-7 hrs) We will begin the day climbing through the spectacular gorge of Shang, which is rife with magnificently hued rock formations that provide a dramatic evidence of the collision between the Indian and Tibetan plates. The trail crosses rivers several times before we reach our campsite (4600 m)

Day : 3 Lartsa – Base camp via Gongmaru La 5200 m A steep 3-hour climb will lead us to Gongmaru La (5200 m), where there are jaw-dropping views of Kangyatse, the Zanskar and Karakoram Ranges . After satisfying ourselves with the surrounding views, we will make our descent toward the pasture of Nimaling, where the villagers of Marka Valley tend their sheep, goats and yaks during the summer. From Nimaling it is a steady climb up to Base Camp (5200 m).

Day : 4 Base camp – High camp (2 hrs) Day 4 is crucial, so we will spend the morning recuperating from the last few days' fatigue. After sufficient rest, we will embark on a steep 2–hour climb to High Camp (5500 m). Although the distance is quite short, the altitude makes the hike quite strenuous.

Day : 5 High camp – Summit – Base camp (9-10 hrs) The final push, beginning at 2 am , will be both physically and mentally challenging. But once atop the summit (6200m), the surrounding awe-inspiring scenery of Tibet , and the Zanskar and mighty Karakoram ranges, all of our numbing pains will melt away in a warm glow of success! After spending an hour on top of the world, we will descend to Base Camp, where we will while away the afternoon, relaxing and congratulating each other on a job well done.

Note: If you choose to scale the primary summit (6400 m), you will need to be experienced and well prepared, as you must traverse a very difficult and technically challenging ridge.

Day : 6 & 7 Base Camp - Shang Sumdo – Martselang – Leh We will spend these last two days retracing our footsteps, strolling casually downward while taking in the otherworldly beauty. Now is the time for us to enjoy the rare wildlife, unique scenery, and each other’s company. On the final day of our adventure, we will travel by jeep back to Leh, stopping at any places you may wish to visit.

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Duration: 4 Days

Season: June to Oct.

Stok Kangri is one of the most beautiful peaks in Ladakh. The climb is technically not difficult, and requires no special mountaineering skills. It gives you a real opportunity to climb a 6150m mountain in less than a week, which is not possible in any other part of the world. The summit presents one of the most spectacular views of the Saser peak in the Karakoram Range , where the K2 lies.

Day : 1 Leh – Stok – Mancarmo (4 – 5 hrs) We leave from Leh in a jeep in the morning. At Stok the pony man will load our big backpacks on the horses that are waiting for us. With our small daypacks we head off for Mancarmo through a beautiful valley, where there are unusual rock formations that point skywards in orange, purple and green colors. Mancarmo (4250 m) is the summer pasture of Stok villagers.

Day : 2 Mancarmo – Base Camp (3-4 hrs) Gradually we go higher into a desolate area, which is inhabited only by marmots and blue sheep. Surrounded by high mountains, we, at base camp (5020 m), will prepare our self mentally and physically for the big day.

Day : 3 Base Camp – Summit 6150 m – Base Camp (10-11 hrs) Depending on weather and snow conditions, we leave early around 1:00 am or 2:00 am. Usually conditions are better in the night/morning, when the sky is clearer because it is colder and the snow will be harder to walk on. We just take a cup of tea and bring our lunch bag, before walking into the night with our torches. However, if it is a full moon night, the moon will guide us in its silvery glow. It is a strenuous walk, and in the last part we will most likely use not only ice axes, but also crampons and, maybe, even rope, depending on snow conditions. However, by the time we come close to the top, you will forget about the hardship as you are surrounded by one of the most beautiful sights in the Himalayas , lighted up by the slowly rising morning sun. In good weather conditions we can see the Saser group in the Great Karakoram Range, where K2 lies. To bring good fortune, we leave our Khatag, a religious scarf, on the mountaintop with prayer flags. Leaving the peak, we go down to Base Camp and by the time we arrive, the only thing running in our mind is diving into our sleeping bags for a welcome rest.

Day : 4 Base Camp – Stok (4 hrs) This morning we will not hurry and by the time you open your eyes, you realize that you have scaled a peak higher than any mountain in Europe or North America . After breakfast, we will walk down to Stok, retracing our footsteps.

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